Share and Track
Records Easily
Microfiche Scanning

Scanning your records can help you share the information in those records instantly with a variety of users, such as staff and customers in multiple locations. Scanned records can eliminate the need for costly reproduction and mailing. They are also easier to track electronically. Paper Capture can convert your records to your choice of format and can help you build and index a centralized database to help you track records and provide information security by prohibiting certain people from copying or amending data.

Be Prepared
For Disaster
Document Scanning

Scanned records can be an integral part of your company’s Continuation of Business and Disaster Recovery plan. Scanned documents can be easily copied and safely stored in fire and flood proof safes providing backup copies of your vital records in an easily portable digital format. This provides extra assurance that you will be able to access the information in the records should disaster strike. Your business records are one of your companies most valuable assets.

Save Money and
Free Up Space
Large Format Scanning

Storing paper records in your companies office is extremely costly. The business could downsize premises and save thousands on rental costs. If you have paper records that are currently taking up space in your office, digitizing these records can save you both storage space and money. If your paper records are scanned, this can save you money on reference requests, since you can instantly access the information from the digitized records rather than placing repeated requests for the paper records.

Microfiche Scanning

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Legal Admissibility for Scanned Documents

BIP0008 is the legal admissibility standard for electronic documents, and compliance will ensure your documents are accepted as if they were originals in both a court of law and by HMRC.


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