16mm Roll Film
Microfiche Scanning

We provide 16mm Roll Film scanning services in both Black and White and Greyscale. The digital images can be supplied back in the format of your choice on the media of your choice.
Our service provides outstanding quality of image and we recommend the images are output to PDF/A-1B Archival format.

35mm Roll Film
Document Scanning

As with our 16mm service we can scan in Black and White or Greyscale, and to a variety of formats. If you have rolls of film of any format why not get in touch and let us know what you have. We are more than willing to carry out a sample to show you what we can do.

Large Format Scanning

Whatever type of film you have you can be assured that Paper Capture is the right company to convert these. Our Market Leading microfiche scanning must be seen to be believed and we carry this quality throughout our whole range of services. We are also able to assist with any specialist or difficult formats.

Microfiche Scanning

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Legal Admissibility for Scanned Documents

BIP0008 is the legal admissibility standard for electronic documents, and compliance will ensure your documents are accepted as if they were originals in both a court of law and by HMRC.


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Free File Retrievals

Our file retrieval service is completely free of charge. If you need a document whilst we have it, we will scan and email it securely, for FREE!


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