Microfiche Scanning

Photographs are one of our most treasured and precious possesions. Memories are contained within those photos which are often irreplacable. In today's age we have digital cameras and so current photos can be easily stored and shared, but what about your printed photograph collection? Paper Capture will scan your photographs in high quality which will allow you to combine your collections for viewing on a PC, TV or digital photo frame.

Quality is
our Priority
Document Scanning

Every page we scan is checked against the original document for accuracy and legibility. You can be assured that quality and customer service are our priorities, not speed and volume like other service bureaus. Reputations count for everything and once we gain you as a client we will be the company you come back to time and time again.

Know How
Large Format Scanning

Using state of the art equipment, our in-depth knowledge and specialist operators, we can give our clients not only the piece of mind they require that we will look after your documents as though they were our own, but also the knowledge that you will never feel like your documents are away with our free, 24 hour file retrieval service.

Microfiche Scanning

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Paper Capture Ltd regularly run offers to encourage new clients to try our services. We promote these offers on our webpage, which is updated on a regular basis. We also publicise these on our social media outlets.


Mail Scanning Services

With our Mail Scanning Service, all of our clients post is received by us, via a PO Box, and then scanned and emailed over as separate PDF files to the relevant client's staff member by 10.30am that morning. Why not discover more about this service?


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